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Don't Get Frustrated Over Your Leaky Sink

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You might get aggravated if you see your faucet or toilet leaking. Instead of losing your cool over a slow leak, let Quick Fix Projects fix the issue. We understand how to repair plumbing efficiently in the Lyman, SC area. You can trust us to replace faucets and toilets or tighten pipes to cut leaks off at the source. Our plumbing services cover all types of repairs and fixture replacements.

We'll make sure your water can flow through your pipes smoothly. Call 630-779-0403 today to get a free leaky faucet repair estimate.

Update your bathroom with new fixtures

Along with leaky faucet repair, our plumbing services include hardware changeouts. We can install an eco-friendly toilet, upgrade your faucets or replace your sink handles to update the look of your entire bathroom. Call our team today to discuss your ideas with a local expert.

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